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Over the next few days, I will post a discussion of a toilet table made for Empress Marie Louise in 1809 and a copy of this table I purchased at an auction in the United States last year.  The picture below is of the Royal table.   It was purchased from the marchand Antione-Thibaut Baudouin for the bedroom of the Imperatrice in the Grand Trianion.   It is now on display at Versailles (see The Furniture of Versaille, Editions Faton, 2009).  The wood is frene (burl ash), perhaps because of the embargo put in place by the British, but more likely due to personal taste of the Imperatrice (the entire bedroom suite is in frene, but other mahogany furniture was purchased that year for other rooms).  The sconces on the mirror supports were replaced by the celebrated bronze worker Thomire in 1837 to match those on another piece of furniture being delivered that year.  

Royal Toilet Table in Versailles

Pre-1837 Copy of the Versaille Table

I purchased my table from Echos Antique Auction in New York in 2017.  It was described as a burled, French Empire, marble-topped vanity.  The mounts on the Echo's table are identical to those on the table in Versailles, with the exception of the replaced sconces.  Without stretching logic to far, I think it is safe to say that the copy I purchased was made prior to 1837, or the table would have come with the replacement Thomire sconces.  It also leads me to wonder if the sconces on the copy are, in fact, the model sconces that were originally installed on the table.  I hope, on my next long trip to France, I can investigate this theory.

A similar dressing table is in the collection of the Getty Museum.  It was made with a flat marble top rather than recessed and has no attached sconces.