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Rummy on the Board - That is what we call it when a item is coming up for auction that either has been mis-described or the auction house has note yet discovered its significance.  This is a common enough occurrence, even at major houses such as Christies, but typically other collectors discover the item and recognize its true value before the auction.  Some examples -

Tremont Desk


Giroux Desk

Denard Desk

GIROUX SIDEBOARD?  A very nice Restauration sideboard is being auctioned at Tremont Auction on November 19, 2017.  This desk may be attributed to Alphonse Giroux and was probably made in the late 1830's.  Most notibly, the desk shares the same decorative woodwork behind the winged lion mounts as known Giroux tables.  The mounts themselves are not dispositive as they have been used by other makers such as Denard.  Above are photos of the Tremont Desk, a similar Giroux table, and the Denard desk.  The similar table/desks are illustrated in "French Furniture of the 19th Century" by Ledoux Lebard.



Rare Empire desk Auctoned at Alex Cooper

BEST DEAL OF 2016?  The desk below was offered by Alex Cooper Auction House in December 2016.  While it was in rough condition, it is of a very rare form.  I know of only two other examples coming up at auction.  One, with ebonized lion monopodia, sold at Southey's in 2002 for $83,000.00.  The other, which had dual ebonized monopodia, sold at Artcurial in Paris for approximately $50,000.00.  Alex Cooper believes their desk was a late 19th century copy with many replacements.  I was unable to inspect it in person to confirm the period of construction.  If it had been of the period, the Baltimore desk for $4,250.00 would have been the deal of the year! 

Desk sold for $83,000 at Sothebys

These beautiful candlesticks were sold at Roland's Auction (New York) on December 3rd.  They were in excellent condition with a pre-sale estimate of $400- $600.00 USD.  They sold for $550.  Most bidders were probably not aware that an identical set is in the collection at Fontainebleau.  That pair was delivered in 1810 and they are attributed to Galle.  The Roland lot should have been valued at $2,000 to $3,000 the pair. 

Pair Empire Gilt Bronze Candlesticks

TUILERIES CHAIR?  The pairs of chair below were offered by Freemans Auction House September 2016.  An identical chair was sold at Christies approximately 16 years ago (estimate $5000).  That example had the Tuileries Palace stamp.  The Freeman chairs were covered on the bottom, so no marks were visible.  Where they also stamped?  If so, they were a great bargain at $1500 the pair.

Chairs offered by Freemans Auction House

Chair Marked Tuileries