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This settee was made by Bellangé between 1810-1811.  It is part of a suite ordered in 1810 by Jean-Antoine Baston, the comte de Lariboisiere, for the Chateau Monthorin at Louvigné-du-Désert, in Brittany .  Born in 1759, the comte served as one of Napoleon's "Generals of the Empire" until the General's death during during the war with Russia in 1812.  Napoleon had led 600,000 men into Russia with the intent of conquering the country; of these, only about 30,000 survived, and of that number, it is said that fewer than 1,000 were ever able to return to duty.  Most, like the General, died of disease.


Of this suite, two armchairs are also known (one illustrated here). These chairs were sold in Paris in 1998 and in New York in 2002. At this time, they had already been seperated from the settee.  They are stamped P. BELLANGÉ and are labeled "M. de Lariboysière". 

 The armchairs are published in the book "Bellangé" exhibit PAB71. 

Comte with his son before Battle of Moscow

Chateau Monthorin in Louvigne, Brittany