Welcome to the Jacob Desmalter website. The purpose of this site is threefold. First, to contribute to the general knowledge of the works of the Directoire, Empire and Restauration periods, whether by Jacob or one of his contemporaries.

Second, to aid in the identification and authentication of Jacob works and marks. If requested, we will offer an opinion upon the authenticity of a stamp and/or work, based upon our experience, examples in hand and our substantial image catalog.  Finally, we hope to gather sufficient information to form a catalog raisonné of compelling examples of Jacob Desmalter's privately held work.  If you own a peice by Jacob Desmalter, please send me a photograph of the item and, if possible, the stamp.  Also, please send me authorization to reproduce the images on the web or in a book.

This site also includes discussions of related topics and identifies Jacob's works for sale/auction at various locations around the world.

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The folowing auctions may be of interest - each photo is a link to the auction if possible:

Restauration Sideboard sold at Tremont Auctions on November 19, 2017.  See more detail in BARGAINS.



These item are for sale by individuals and/or advertised for sale on the web. The Desmalter site is not affiliated with any of these sellers and any purchase must be conducted directly with the seller.

If you have something relevant to sell, we will consider listing it here with a link. Listings are made at our discretion. There is no charge for this service. Good photos of the furniture and any stamps, a description and price are required.